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Bespoke insurance solutions for fleet operators, specialist hauliers or owner-operators. We have you covered.

What is haulage insurance?

Great question! Haulage insurance is a broad term for businesses who transport large volumes of goods. There are various elements to ‘haulage’ insurance and knowing which ones are available, and more importantly, relevant to you and your needs is vital.

Evolution have decades of experience when it comes to working with hauliers. Your dedicated account executive will make the process from start to finish, as simple as it can be.

Do I need haulage insurance?


Does your business involve transporting goods? if so, you will require either Courier Van insurance or haulage insurance.

What you transport and in which type of vehicles will determine the most suitable option for your business. Your dedicated, Evolution account executive will work with you to construct the best solution for your needs.

So, what is the difference between courier insurance and haulage insurance then?

Ok, lets break this one down for you!

Essentially, they both do the same thing, however, with courier or courier van insurance, we’d expect to have multiple drop offs or collections whereas haulage services will usually have 1 single load to 1 single location.

It will likely be that a courier will do lots of individual drop offs in a specific and smaller radius to that of a haulier who would be far more likely to drive long distance on regular routes. All making sense now?

What other types of haulier insurance is available? 

As with any business, there are a plethora of additional risks to consider. It doesn’t mean that you will need to purchase all of them, but knowing what is available to your business will certainly be a benefit to you. Your account executive can help you make the best decision in terms of what you may or may not require.

Cover for damage to goods whilst in storage as part of the overall journey. This could be in your own or a third party facility.

Goods in transit generally relates to inland movement of goods within the UK and Marine would give broader cover, not only including the UK and inland portion of the trip but also extends to international transportation via road, air, sea or rail.

Comprehensive cover for your vans or HGV’s for use on the roads. Covering own damage, including windscreen as well as injury or damage to third parties.

legal support for claims specifically relating to motor incidents such as defence costs.

Commercial legal expenses can help you over come a variety of common business problems. Particularly if you:

  • have employment disputes
  • receive enquiries into your tax and VAT submissions 
  • have a dispute with neighbours over access 
  • encounter adverse publicity 
  • generally need expert legal advice, quickly!

a combined offering of Public Liability and Employers Liability. Covering injury or damage. 

Financial protection for senior managers and directors for a range of allegations such as unfair dismissal, discrimination. An MLP policy typically combines:

  • Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Employment Practice Liability (EPL)
  • Company Legal Liability (CLL) 
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