Courier Van Insurance


Courier insurance for companies that operate a collection or delivery service.

What is courier van insurance?

As a courier, you will want to purchase the right insurance to protect you against accidents whilst you are making pick ups or drop offs. Courier van insurance, insures between 1-5 vans on an individual basis and caters for high daily mileage as well as cover for multi drop and time critical drops. Simple, right?!

Whether you have 1 van for local deliveries or a vast fleet covering the whole of the UK, Evolution have you covered. If you have over 5 vans, we can ensure that you have flexible cover under our Evolution fleet product. For now at least, whilst you have 5 or less vans, our courier van product hits the spot for your needs. 


Do I need courier insurance?

We’ll let you answer that one!

You will want to purchase a specialist courier insurance policy if you drive a van to carry other peoples goods, equipment or materials in return for a hard earned payment. The same applies if you own a company that employs drivers to do this type of work. Still confused? give us a call. We love to chat!


So, what is the difference between single courier insurance and fleet insurance then?

Good question!

Whilst Evolution courier van insurance caters for 1-5 vans up to 7.5t and are insured on an individual basis, Evolution fleet insurance, covers 5+ vans and can also include vans from 3.5t as well as larger vans and trucks all the way up to a 44t lorry.

Fleet insurance can offer far greater flexibility when it comes to adding and removing vehicles as well as driver flexibility and is usually the natural step after growing your fleet of vehicles and looking for a far more effective way to manage the policy. 


What other types of courier insurance is available? 

Like any business, a courier company has many risks that could derail your plans. Some other insurances that you may want to consider are:

  • Public Liability – to cover injury or damage to the public in relation to your work. Courier companies / drivers have a far higher chance of this happening due to the nature of work, compared to other drivers.
  • Goods in transit – to protect the goods that you are responsible for whilst carrying our your work from loss or damage.
  • Employers Liability is a legal requirement should you employ any staff.

This is not an exhaustive list, there are other insurance policies that a courier company could greatly benefit from. Give us a call and we’ll happily give you some free advice, making the whole process nice and simple. Deal?

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