What is Business Insurance?


What is Business Insurance and how can it help your business?

Business Insurance is the broader term for any insurance that may be required to protect a ‘business’ or it’s ‘directors’ from some of the risks thats are associated with owning or running a business.

There are some insurances, such as Employers’ Liability that are a compulsory purchase for any business that employs someone and others that are simply good practice to add to your arsenal.

Business insurance can sometimes be complicated to understand, so be sure to partner with a respectable independent insurance broker who will advise you on the best solutions for your situation.

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Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial combined insurance is a ‘packaged’ insurance policy that includes the essential covers that a business will need to protect it’s property, revenue, its staff and its suppliers and customers.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity (also known as PI or errors & omissions insurance) covers you for any errors in design, advice or specification that causes a client to suffer a financial loss.

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Management Liability Insurance

The umbrella term for what is more commonly referred to as directors & officers insurance. Designed to protect its directors and senior management from losing their personal assets when being sued for how they do their job.

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Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor fleet insurance is designed to insure a business’s vehicles in a far more effective way than a traditional ‘no claims bonus’ policy.  It allows for greater flexibility in terms of  usage and permitted drivers.

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Group Personal Accident & Travel Insurance

Group personal accident and travel insurance protects your business’s people after serious work related injuries and againt a wide range of travel emergencies whilst they’re away on business. 

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Cyber Insurance

A Cyber insurance policy helps your business to recover loss’s following large scale attacks. These policies are split into two main sections. Incidents effecting your business and loss’s that a third party may occur becuase of you. 

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