Commercial Combined Insurance

What is Commercial Combined Insurance?


So, what is commercial combined insurance?

Also referred to as business combined insurance, commercial combined insurance is a well rounded ‘package’ offering that gives a solid foundation for any business.

A business combined insurance policy covers the core elements of insurance that most businesses will need.

Evolution Risk Group have partnered with some of the largest insurers in the world to ensure that we always have a solution for your needs, no matter how basic or complicated they are.

Commercial combined insurance is suitable for all sectors such as manufacturing, technology, wholesale, retail, motor trade, distribution and logistics, shops, offices, restaurants and many more.

A commercial combined insurance policy arranged by an experienced independent insurance broker will include the following covers:


Section  What does it actually cover? Claim Examples:
Property Damage Insurance Property or material damage insurance will provide reinstatement or reimbursement for damage to physical property such as buildings, contents, stock, computers etc.

Scenario One: You lock up at night, set the alarms and do your usual final checks to your warehouse and workshop. You get a call late at night notifying you of a severe fire that has ripped through the entire premises. Your insurance is designed to cover you for the debris removal and reinstatement of your entire building plus the contents, stock, fixtures & Fittings and computers.

Scenario Two: You came into work in the morning to find that there had been a burst pipe overnight which caused significant water damage to the server room. The insurance paid for the clean up costs and replacement servers.

Business Interruption Insurance

Following an insurable loss to your ‘property’, business interruption protects your loss of earnings.

Business interruption cover can become fairly complex and certainly is not a one size fits all cover. As an independent commercial insurance broker, Evolution Risk Group will advise you on the best way to structure this cover.

There are various options such as:

  • Loss of Revenue / Profit
  • Inreased Cost of Working (ICOW)
  • Additional Increased Cost of Working (AICOW
  • Flexible Loss Limit / First Loss

This cover will continue until you are not only back up and running, but until you are back, reaching the levels of profit that you were at before the claim, or when the indemnity period is reached. 

Understanding how you make your money along with your supply chain is critical when choosing how to structure your business interruption insurance within your commercial combined insurance programme.


Scenario One: You suffer a significant fire and lose your premises. You insurance policy responds and pays you £103,000 in Increased cost of working cover to allow you to puchase replacement machinery. Additionally, loss of gross profit cover will subsidise your profit to the level that you were previously reaching before the indicent happened. 
Goods in Transit Insurance Goods in transit insurance covers any goods and merchandise whilst it’s being moved around, whether by road, air, sea or rail. A commercial combined policy typically will focus more upon the inland, UK tansportation of goods but can also cover Column 3 Value 3
Money Column 2 Value 4 Column 3 Value 4
Public & Products Liability Insurance Column 2 Value 5 Column 3 Value 5
Employers’ Liability Insurance Column 2 Value 6 Column 3 Value 6
Legal Expenses Insurance Column 2 Value 7 Column 3 Value 7